A Beginning, Middle, and End

I don’t know if this moment is any stranger than any other, but I had the benefit of some pause today. It completed my last final of the semester, and the air was strange around campus. I saw:

  • Two bros, backwards caps, one in sperrys, one in flip flops, sharing a ride on a longboard.
  • A bunch of people dressed like priests and nuns (OK, that is every day)
  • Two sets of disposable cutlery still in the plastic wrapping, complete with salt and pepper packets sitting on a toilet paper dispenser
  • Catch, frisbee, and squats on the quad
  • One person completely passed out on the grass
  • One toilet seat removed from the hinges and hang in off of the toilet (this bathroom was in a different building than the flatware)
  • A student struggling to open her thermos so she could fill it with free hot tea
  • Spaghetti trees (pictured above)

But perhaps most outstanding was not the sights, but the sounds. It was quiet. Everywhere.

Inside the academic buildings there were signs asking for silence for the tests and their takers. But even outside, people spoke in murmurs.

Golden silence. Burning thought. Waves of diligence. Winds of freedom.

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