What’s in a Name?

Howdy neighbor.

It’s been a long, arduous process. The painstaking decision of changing my interwebs moniker. Granted, this turmoil was mostly in my head.

But this is a big deal, right? It’s a complete overhaul, a person rebrand. Since 2011, pretendnomad has been my Twitter handle, WordPress, Instagram, and maybe even a Tumbler. That is about the entirety of a pretend internet life!

(I don’t do Snapchat because I think it’s sketchy.)

With this whole name change thing, I hope that like a rose, by any other name I am just as sweet.

Usually right about here I’d add my customary pledge to write more, but I’m going to writing wayyyyyyy too much in the near future. I start the next phase of study in just over a week, so I’ll post what I can, but I’ll be a wee bit preoccupied for about five years.


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