3 Old Poems (from Last Week)


Despite the heat
The white flakes fall
Traffic stands still
A torrent of wind
Flings it hard
The insipid monster
Lumbers across
The horizon.
It suck up
All color,
Darkness and light.
It won’t let me
Feel warm
Feel cold.
It wails too loud
To hear
Anything else.

Grey Frost

I hold the answer, found today,
that the world will end in boring grey,
the slush and bland of old decay,
where fire and ice each gave their way.

They’ve lost their luster, frost and burn.
Their virtues cave and rue the day.
The fight will end in weak concession,
and tasteless blend will lack sweet tension.

So when you ask of fire and ice:
Choose one to hold at any price.
Keep tension alive in these forces of prime!
Do not let greyness take over your time.


On Target

Fast food, fast cars, in a rush to go nowhere
The mainstream memes that stunt reality. 
And the stupid screaming kids that never learned to say “please”
Run recklessly around without saying “excuse me.”

Maybe I’m a stiff
A walking corpse of time forgotten.
I smile through the brooding.
“Nothing’s wrong.”
It’s all wrong.

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